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Sqwire is thrilled to offer you a test drive of our Financial Education platform. In the registration, and within the platform itself are examples of the type of touchpoints and impressions that you can leverage when you provide Sqwire for your clients.

Why choose Sqwire?

Boost Conversion

Clients who are financially educated are more confident and less timid when it comes to taking steps to better their financial lives.


Increase Interaction

Personalized banners (see example below) and our messaging feature provide more visibility and communication with your existing clients.

Collect Referrals

Through our corporate partnership, NFCC banners within the platform would direct other Sqwire users to NFCC for counseling and services. Participating counselors will have preferred access to these referrals.

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What to look for in the platform

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Financial Education brought to you by

Tasha Pierce

NFCC Counselor

Your financial wellbeing is important to me—that’s why I’ve provided this valuable resource for you and your family. I’m passionate about helping you overcome your money issues and concerns so you can make strides toward living your best life and achieving your personal goals.

Welcome to Sqwire Financial Wellness

Tasha Pierce believes that you deserve the very best. Financial wellness is an important piece of your happiness and your health. 

To help you achieve financial wellness, Tasha has partnered with Sqwire to give you exclusive access to top-notch, online financial education and resources. Sqwire is designed to help you connect with trusted experts, develop healthy financial habits, and make informed, confident decisions about your money and your future. 

Joining the Sqwire community is a strong move toward the financial stability, security and freedom that you and your family deserve.

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