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Life isn’t fair.

Sometimes terrible things happen, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But what makes those tragedies worse is being unprepared.

In this course, you’ll learn how to properly insure yourself and your property in order to minimize the financial impact of bumps in the road and outright disasters.

The Big Idea

Your Financial Preparedness Kit is composed of everything needed to ensure your financial security.

The Reward

Checking each item of the Financial Preparedness Kit Checklist will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered, no matter what happens.

New Skills

You will understand the different types of insurance you need to protect yourself, your family and your belongings and will be equipped to make the right choices for your financial situation.

This is Greg

He’s an architect in Seattle, WA and he married his high school sweetheart right out of college. His wife Zara’s a real free spirit, an art teacher who always looks at the sunny side of things and Greg couldn’t imagine life with anyone else. Together, they’re raising a young family that includes Zoe, age 6, and Harrison, age 4. They are currently renting their dream home which they plan to purchase from their landlord. They’re looking forward to a future full of afternoons in the backyard, complete with the perfect tree swing. Life is… good. And, while Greg is usually pretty laid back, he’s started wondering how safe their good life actually is. He finds his mind wandering from time to time, thinking about whether or not his family would be protected if anything happened to him. A friend of his was recently sued for damages from a car accident because he didn’t have enough insurance coverage and Greg wonders if maybe his insurance isn’t quite up to par for his circumstances. He’s overwhelmed by just how much he doesn’t know but he knows something needs to change. Follow along in the lessons with Greg and help him build his financial preparedness kit so he can better protect his growing family and new home.

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